–The Start Line–

Being in the very beginning of something.. it gives me an odd feeling.








I find blogs or diaries very interesting and achieving. When I write them, I struggle, trying to snatch out my feelings and put them into words, but later on, when I look back, I realize that I wouldn’t have it any other way, and there can’t be another way to describe something the way I did. Even though I do not have the greatest talent in writing, I know there’s something different about my writings from the writings of anyone else. Like so, everyone has their own way of writing and expressing, therefore, there is no limit of imagination in writing. People may be able to judge the quality of the writing and the organizations, etc. HOWEVER no one has the right to judge the depth and the value of others writings, because every writing is invaluable and priceless.

Before I start the long, long journey of the blog-writing, I will say few things about my blog. To begin with, my blog is composed of my opinions and my thoughts. I am not trying to implant my ideas/theories into anyone nor am I intending to offend anyone in any way. Also, I would kindly like to ask you to be cautious with your words. Please, no inappropriate words. Also, I just wanted to tell you the main idea of this blog. This is a photo journal/essay that are composed of pictures taken by me and writings written by me (unless, of course, it is cited), therefore none of this is formal nor professional. I would like to apologize first if you are not satisfied with the pictures and writings, I’m not professional.

Thank you so much and come visit often ❤  😀

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